Saturday, February 27, 2010

An afternoon in Kabokweni

Every Monday for our community outreach, we load up 18 people or so into a 12-passenger van and drive down the road to a community called Kabokweni.

One of the students in our class, Pinkie, is from Kabokweni and learned about YWAM from volunteering at the feeding program hosted by Ten Thousand Homes 5 times/week. Pinkie was orphaned at the age of 15 and raised her little sister, Whitney. Pinkie is now 21 and an absolute joy to know- never a dull moment with that girl around!

Every week, hundreds of meals are served to orphans and vulnerable children from the home of an incredibly compassionate and servant-hearted community member, Ms. Elisabeth. She saw a need and started meeting it. She gives and gives and gives, even when she's not receiving. I hope to write you more of her story later.

For now, I wanted to give you a glimpse of the beauty of Kabokweni. Pinkie took us on a walk through her life. I hope you can see God's beauty through these pictures as clearly as we can see it there!

Welcome to Kabokweni!
The sky in Africa is always, always breathtaking.

Before they eat, the kids sing, dance and pray together. Check out these moves! And this joy!

Michael serving out the pap to a line full of hungry kids.

This is the view of the back of Ms. Elisabeth's house where the kids line up to wait for their food. Behind her house, there's a small church as well as an ongoing construction project for a community care center being built by Ten Thousand Homes.

Cleaning up after meals.

A place to worhship.
The Kabokweni Church behind Ms. Elisabeth's.

Inside church. (This place turns into the hot spot once the kids get their plates.)

Some of the precious boys coming in to get a hot meal after school.

A YWAM team from Switzerland came to Ten Thousand Homes for their outreach. They are working on the community care center behind Ms. Elisabeth's.

Me and my sister Pinkie walking around Kabo with an inflatable mic. (I don't care where you are in the world, microphones make people come alive.)

Lucy's house. Lucy is a volunteer at the feeding program. Ten Thousand Homes built this house for her and her 3 children.

This is where Lucy lived before.

Here's a video of Pinkie giving us a tour of Lucy's house. Enjoy the show!

I hope it helps to have a picture of what one of the communities looks like. Everyone I've met you from Kabokweni is incredibly welcoming and loving. I hope you can meet them someday soon! Love you!

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  1. Thank you for the pics they are wonderful! I love following your journey with God! Im thankful to know you!