Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hope's Colors

This is a surprise blog....


Just as I was finishing up yesterday's blog about greens and blues, I found myself sitting in the biggest most colorful surprise. Right there in Steve Biko Academic Hospital.

Just before I was ready to go lock myself in a bathroom and fall apart, Hope showed up. And, as Hope tends to do, it spread. Hope poured out and took on every color of the rainbow. 

The enemy intends to steal, kill and destroy our bodies, minds and spirits... and hospital ward 8.5 was prime real estate yesterday. But what the enemy intends for evil, God uses for good.

One balloon and one racecar led to a makeshift family party. A Family party. Kingdom-sized.

Before I could even hit "save" yesterday, a boy and his mom pulled chairs from all the way across the room to sit with me.

We played games.
We defied hospital-blue with colors of hope. 

I showed them pictures, and then Robe Kid got hold of the camera. And suddenly, all the moms in the room were part of a fashion shoot! The nurses were laughing and secretly posing.

From the photo shoot: 
(Made sure not to include patients and moms gave permission!)

I took family photos to print and mail to a new mother.
And no one stayed in their plastic red chairs.
Moms met other moms. Held other babies. Laughter rang out in Room 3, finally louder than the crying, suffering and dizzying circumstances.

Hope is loud. And does not withhold from any place or any person who welcomes it.

I interrupted my broken-hearted story writing last night to show pictures that tell my story. And then Robe Kid's mom told hers.

Hope narrates our stories when we let it.

I showed this blog to Robe Kid and his mom. And she said I could put her story and photo on it.

"Vivian's Diary"

Yesterday my son was at theatre (operating room). I felt uncomfortable because I have spend a lot of hours, so I was busy praying to God so that his mercy fell to my son in order to survive there.

People were busy passing the passage, so they feel pity for me while I’m staying there waiting. They said, the way I have stayed there and how I’m feeling, I must never lose hope. God is the answer. God will make a way to succeed.

So when he comes out I was very very happy. I said to God, “You are my hero. I have nothing to thank you God, but only my life. I will give it to you. Even now I am very very glad because I have already this child."  Tomorrow I am going home. God will make the way in order to arrive at home.  Thank you.

Lesson learned: Maybe hope DOES come in the shade of hospital-blue!

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  1. Kacy,
    I look every day for a new post from you,perhaps living life through your stories,excited by your adventures,touched by your selfless love for the children and the mothers!
    Thankyou for sharing these moments,hours and days with us. Thankyou for the pictures of the people you meet! Thankyou for all you do! JoAnn Street