Sunday, July 28, 2013

On Days Like This...

Two and a half years ago, my African pastor approached me and asked me to teach our church about family. He said, "Start at ground zero because we don't know ANYTHING about family."

I interviewed him to understand what ground zero really looked like, and I quickly discovered that step one would be teaching the church why it was even relevant or worthy to teach a church full of orphaned children and adults about family.

Today, my African pastor stood before the church himself and taught about the "spirit of the orphan" - that any one in any circumstance  could feel like an orphan. And that God the Father send His Son to die for us so we could all belong in the Family of God.

He declared that we all belong in this Family. And we have a Father who'll hike up his holy robe and run toward us because He's happy we're coming Home - no matter what stench lingers in our trail. This church full of formerly-known-as-orphans hooped and hollered in the name of Family. 

THAT'S MY CHURCH!  Can I get an AMEN!?! 

The Family of God is stretching and swallowing up those who were broken and orphaned. 
And it's worth celebrating!

After his message, my pastor welcomed three fathers to stand in front of the church. He officially welcomed them as the three newest members of our congregation. THIS IS A BIG DEAL!
Fathers are running home... Children are learning they belong. 

And sometimes, on days like this...
when you've danced and hopped and hollered...
when you've held that naked, malnourished baby high over your head (risking projectiles from both ends) just to hear her giggle and squeal...
when you've picnicked and fed families...
when you've talked about Jesus and seen His miracles in real life...

On days like this...
You just have to say, "Thank you, Father." 

And get out a beach ball and play.


  1. The pictures say it all. Thankyou for sharing these smiles with us! Thankyou for doing what you do every day in the face of saddness and lack!
    Love you for it Kacy! JoAnn Street

  2. Thank you Keri and JoAnn! Love y'all too :)

  3. Little miss crazy hair in the pink plaid seriously looks like a Schedule. Like for real. Look at her face! Big cheeks,, pointy chin, big lips- girl is from Alvin! From NaNa's house! So weird. I want her. Love you!