Thursday, July 3, 2014

It looks like bricks


After hearing Him speak it 2 1/2 years ago, watching Him provide all the finances over a year ago, and praying, pounding and pouting ever since then... WE HAVE BRICKS. 


Well, actually, I have no idea how to build a house. I'm planning on taking a lot of photos and baking a lot of cakes for the people who actually do, but... WE'RE GONNA BUILD A HOUSE!

Not knowing how to build a house, or what kind of windows to order, or how many meters of kitchen I need, or anything has been one of my greatest sources of insecurity and crazy eyes for the past 2 1/2 years. But, as I sit here with my bricks and look back, I see that He's been building Glory House in me this whole time. 

What felt impossible when it was first promised, feels like an obvious outflow of the Family of God today. What felt premature and far-fetched then, feels ripe and ready now. Instead of being overcome with fears, I'm brimming with ideas and a whole new outlook about how He calls us to live. 

This week, instead of asking Him to build that house, I started asking my Father how He wants me to live in this house He's building. And He said, "Now."

This house I'm praying for, asking how to live in, just looks like a pile of bricks right now. 
So that's where we started.
And it looks like this...

It looks like a 3-man ninja party on a pile of bricks.

It looks a little bit like an album cover full of construction materials.

It looks like Christian and sidewalk chalk saying, "Look at me!"

It looks like 3 boys basking in creativity, attention, and colors.

It looks like Glory House. With a crazy sun and a car on the roof.

Macbeth thought it looks like love. So do I. 

It looks like a mama's heart melting on the other side of the camera
as this boy started to get his sparkle back when he started drawing his house.

It looks like the return of a classic Lifa face and his carefree spirit being remembered.

It looks like... this.

It looks like Lifa saying, "I drawed you and wrote your name!"

It looks like me being so enchanted by this kid that I wanted to take a bit out of his cheeks.
Don't judge me...

So instead I just tackled him. And Christian joined in. 

It looks like Lifa drawing a picture of himself inside a rainbow.
Too much promise on a brick for me to handle. 
I cannot see the full picture of this glory story, but I'm going to take a million pictures along the way.

I cannot wait for my house to be finished before I start living like I dwell in the most extravagant eternal Home.

Today, Glory House looks like bricks. And that is enough to building heaven on earth. Starting now.

Look at your bricks today. Color them with promises, dance on them, and take pictures. Remember this part of the promise. Because He's building. 

It looks like this...

Lifa and Macbeth doing traditional African dances. So good.

Lifa drawing a picture of our house while singing, "I believe in Jesus." Seriously.


  1. Oh Kacy, That is so exciting, and the video of Lifa singing is too precious!
    I love that the children wanted to draw on the bricks!
    I am excited to watch the building begin!

  2. So happy for you! We love and miss you. ~The Kaufmans