Monday, September 28, 2015

And they lived LADDly ever after...

Twice upon a time, in two faraway lands,
Two strangers moved to Africa, only bags and passports in their hands.

She packed her boots and told Texas goodbye,
She only bought a one-way ticket and didn’t know why.

Six years ago, she thought she’d be back “home” in a flash,
She became a South African mama as she let her own plans crash.

The message of God’s family was expanding into something much more,
She knew she needed a bigger tablecloth, but she didn’t know what for.
He packed his running shoes and left the Smoky Mountains behind,
He knew he was made for this, and there was another adventure to find.

The cooking mamas named him Hope when he arrived two years ago,
With every day and every project, his capacity and wisdom began to grow.
On the day Texas met Tennessee, it was more like a business deal.
He would provide food for her project; they chatted over a meal.

After work and lunch, he said, “Men are like waffles and women like spaghetti.”
Who was this man across the table -  a little extreme and incredibly steady.

Work and coffee cups turned to what she called “non-date” nights out,
The strangers became friends, separately wondering what this was all about.

A fateful December night, God met him in a tent to change his life,
He told him he was giving him a ministry to lead, and to lead he’d need a wife.

He remembered that Texas lady, and all the fears she aroused in him.
But he knew it was worth it, and his decisions are never a whim.

In February, Lifa underwear-danced while the two had a business meeting for a start,
From two separate couches they talked and decided to never do this apart.

Two single people moved to Africa because they knew there was work to be done,
God changed all their plans and said there’d be more power when they were one.

After long walks and hammock talks, they fell in love like the greatest surprise,
God gave them a mission together; family happened before their eyes.

They let God lead them on a hilarious journey, with not a single love story cliché,
They picked a wedding date en route to a gas station - these are the moments that stole her heart away.

They never waited until it fit right because family just keeps making space.
Friends sat on picnic blankets, and he kissed his bride in this faraway place.

They’ve traded their suitcases for a big table where they’ll share their highs and lows.
It’s where they’ll find each other every night, no matter which direction the day goes.
Tonight they sit at that old kitchen table with giant mountains to climb ahead.
She’s overwhelmed by how much she loves him. There’s nowhere she’d be instead.

They are better together, no matter what happens in this Laddly Ever After life.
At the foothills of His adventure, they’ll keep saying YES as man and wife.

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  1. So. Many. Stinkin'. Tears. So happy for your family. So excited for the new journey. So ready for So, so, so...