Saturday, April 9, 2016

BIGFOOT IS REAL: Ladd Family Big Announcement

Seven months ago, I took the strongest, safest arm on the planet, and we walked.

He wore Converse. I wore boots. While we walked, we dodged giant giraffe footprints. We also laughed when Lifa’s big feelings and big feet led to a big face-plant on his first step down that wedding aisle with us. (HILARIOUS!)

Just weeks after that, I still held that strong arm as we walked into our new church together. Lifa ran this time, blissfully plunging himself into the yard full of children playing cricket, rugby and climbing trees before worship began.

We were walking into more than we could have ever imagined, more than being the kid in a cape with the white mom. We were being led as a family, into a big yard, into worship, and into a whole new level of living.
And did I mention that the man leading us is SO handsome!?!

There was a baptism that day at church. The church owns the big house next door to it and rents it out to tenants, while reserving rights to the backyard pool for baptisms. It was my first time to set foot in that yard. I fell in love with the huge tree that bowed down to just the right height for a swing and a slide. I was enchanted by the porch that wrapped around the back, overlooking the perfect picnic yard and mango trees. Something was welling up in me as the church marched in for that baptism, and it was bigger than just my some-day dream of rocking chair porches and hammock-strewn gardens.

I looked at my new husband and, without realizing what I was saying, told him, “This is our house. And I love it.”

Blink. Blink.


Back to the car.

“This is our house. I think God just showed me that.”

We just got married. We just moved into the perfect newlywed home – safe, secure, within our means, and just the right size to learn how to be a family.

Our small home was perfect for our small family. But what about God's Family - the One we were made in the image of?

You see...
Before we got married, God said this:

“I will fill whatever space You give Me.”

That means we have a responsibility to make space – more space than we could even imagine – and trust God to fund it, fill it, and make Himself famous in it.

If we give Him little, He’d do a little.
But if we give Him A LOT? He’d do even more than that.

Bring it. We’re totally in, Lord.
Increase our imagination, and then do more than we could ever imagine.
(And please, oh please, let those mangos taste awesome. We are mango people.)

After the baptism, the blinking and my mildly apprehensive claim, Chris said, “Ok. Keep praying about it.”

Oh boy did I pray.

We walked miles and miles through our neighborhood in the first months of marriage. Lifa mastered riding his bike with no hands (and falling like a boss) during those walks, and Chris and I put our minds and imaginations together. With every step and every walk, we were making more space for God in our marriage, our words, our dreams, and our vision.

I remember the walk when I told Chris, “I’ve been praying about the house. I’m sure. And I think it’s going to be sooner than we think we’re ready for.” That was in early November. I said I thought something was going to happen in March. I also told him that God had asked me to drive by that house everyday and thank Him for what He’s already done, and I’d been doing that for the past month.

Please keep in mind folks that, not long before, this man walking next to me had moved into a new town, become a father, a husband, and nothing had settled into a new normal yet.

Maybe our new normal is meant to be space-making, imagination-growing, prayer-conquering, and ground-claiming.

Maybe the cadence we were meant to march to is the kind that makes mountains cannonball into oceans. The kind that doesn’t just visit during baptisms and look longingly at the back porch, but moves in and flips on the switch for the Light of the World.

That faithful, handsome husband of mine did not hesitate. He contacted the church and shared what God had spoken to me. And he joined me in drive-by thank you prayers. He started claiming the finances and ignoring all the parts that didn’t make sense - like the church having no idea what they were going to ultimately do with the house, the tenants that still lived there, our own capacity and budget, and so on and so on… Details-schmeetails.

Then we went to America. We got to meet our new families, spend time with the people and places that shaped us, and speak. We covered A LOT of miles on that trip and shared a lot of meals with people we love. With every meal and mile, we made space. We claimed what was ours: more than we could think or imagine. Not because we wanted more, but because we could not, would not limit our Maker. 

Like the widow with the jars, we don’t ever want to stop bringing jars because ain’t nobody got time to put a lid on the King of Kings. (2 Kings 4:1-6)

I wonder if the widow ever felt insecure about asking her neighbors for their jars? Or felt too presumptuous about the big stack of empty vessels she brought to be filled? We brought jar after jar of our bare-naked faith for Him to fill by sharing with everyone what we believed, not knowing how HE was going to do it. Only knowing we don’t want it to stop. Chris pursued the pastors of the church; we kept pressing in; we kept asking and thanking. 
“…Go outside, borrow vessels from all your neighbors, empty vessels and not too few.” 2 Kings 4:3

May 1st.


Y'all.. there’s a huge kitchen! And a double oven!
(Oh, and don't worry that I'm already prayer-claiming a KitchenAid mixer, food processor,  and dishwasher. Aka: Your Kingdom come, Your will be done.)

A double-oven and a big farmhouse are only the beginnings of spreading out wide and increasing our imagination. You can taste first cluster of grapes after a lifetime of manna and think you’re satisfied. You can glimpse of the Promised Land from the banks of the Jordan and feel fulfilled. And you’ve really only been a taste-tester and a spectator of the Kingdom.

It’s all about what you do from there.
The Lord told Joshua, “I will give you every place where you set your foot, as I promised.” Joshua 1:3

But if they never set their foot there, they never got the promise.
Everywhere they walked was theirs.

After walking around a desert for 40 years, they only walked 1/3 of the lush, life-giving territory they’d been led to, so they ultimately only claimed 1/3 of their inheritance.

Every jar the widow brought was filled to sustain her family and show the neighbors God’s oily glory. The oil only stopped when she stopped bringing jars.

The Ladd family is going to have a big kitchen full of jars and big, big feet.
We aren’t going to stop walking or bringing jar after jar, bucket after bucket to the Promise Maker. He says to bring the Kingdom to earth, and we will. One step, one space at a time.

We will move into a big house on May 1st, and we will walk the entire perimeter of that territory and claim it – we will claim more than we can see and more places than we can step.

We will watch Lifa grow into his big feet as he adventures in that house, and we will grow our imaginations and take bigger steps together as we gather there, with more and more people to make space for more and more of God.

You’re invited.

Take a walk with us in imagining, in faith, and in practical, real-life steps.
Send us the words of promise and encouragement God gives you.
Invest in the space-making and territory-claiming.

Maybe you’re a part of the way God will fill our space – with curtains and beds and rugs and furniture. Or with the ongoing increased expenses of daily life in a bigger space. Maybe it’s through prayers, partnering with us monthly, or going into your own yard, church, school, office or hometown and taking big, big steps and thanking God for giving you that land. Live there, settle in it, and feast.

Now you know, and you can’t not know.
Big promises are fulfilled with you take big steps and claim the land.

So maybe Bigfoot isn’t actually real.

But it's our big faith and footprints that claim a big space and reveal a big God.


  1. You have just encouraged this heart in more ways than you will know! I love you guys and am believing right along with you!

  2. Kacy you are such a special and unique creation. I love your encouraging words and enthusiasm. You are such a blessing to so many and you have made such an impact on so many. Keep shining that light and making those big footprints. Xo

    1. Thanks Jess! :) Such great encouragement. :)