Friday, April 9, 2010

The Blog You've All Been Waiting For...


You all knew it was coming....

Head Over Heels...

Take My Breath Away...

I'm sure you want the whole story.

His name is Lifa. (Sounds like leaf-uh)
He's a great kisser.
We can't get enough of each other.
Whenever we see each other, we run with open arms and huge smiles.
We both love guavas.
Does anything else matter?

That's my man!

And he's already "potty-trained", or should I say that he already knows when to go outside butt-naked to squat when he's gotta go. :) I stayed with Lifa during my community stay a few weeks ago and since then, I can't stop thinking about him! His parents abandoned him and so now he lives with the family I stayed with. I said goodbye to him this Wednesday at the feeding program.

Talk about emotional! I hated to say goodbye, but can't help but feel hopeful for him to be taken into such a loving and providing family. They don't have much money, but there is plenty of love to share! And I know I'll see him again when we come back in June.

It also got me excited for Zambia and Johannesburg. I can't wait to meet more of God's precious children and to share with them and celebrate with them the love of a Father To The Orphans. The One who adopted us into His Home, His Kingdom and His Love that is more than we'll ever need.

It will be hard to leave knowing they will still have an abundance of physical needs, but that's where faith comes in. I hope and pray I can share stories with you as we go, but if there's no way to connect to you while we're away, you can count on tons of stories and pictures when I return!

I'm leaving Tuesday morning at 4am our time - that's 9pm Monday night if you're in Texas - for Zambia. We'll fly back from Zambia to Johannesburg, South Africa on May 13 and participate in an orphan ministry there until May 31.

Keep praying for us! We feel every prayer! Our team had an amazing and stretching week practicing responding to and obeying God. We feel more ready and expectant than ever for God's Goodness to shine through in Zambia and Jo-burg. Pray for our communication, unity and that we stay engaged with the Holy Spirit as we go out. I love you so much and hope to talk to you soon!

And now...

Back to me and my man.

Mom, Can I Keep Him?

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  1. Bring him home he is adorable!!!! He can be Lucas's big brother. I knew you would fall in love. Love you lots!! Mom Waters