Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ladies Day Out!

So many deep thoughts.
And so many frogs during deep-cleaning.
At the end of a heavy holiday weekend, I needed a getaway!

Yesterday I picked up two of my very closest friends from Mbonisweni for a great adventure: the fish spa!

We drove to the top of a beautiful mountain, and, for the equivalent of about $3.50, had the most organic pedicure you could imagine. Creation was singing to the beat of a whole different drum as hundreds of tiny fish nibbled away the dead skin on our feet. It was AWESOME! And the perfect change of scenery for all 3 of us! (I'm officially addicted.)

First, he washed our feet to get them ready for the fish.

Thuli and Prudence meet the fish. It TICKLES... A LOT at first. And then becomes the most relaxing little spa with fins! Please excuse my cackle... I couldn't hold back.

Prudence was hilarious... she just couldn't stay still!

Thuli loved it immediately. The fish did too!

Guess whose foot this is...

Finally making progress!

So much fun!

Finally... she likes it!

And... then relaxes COMPLETELY!

Three happy, relaxed ladies soaking in our little getaway and the view from our picnic spot


  1. How fun! Just not sure I could handle fish nibbling on my feet though. Sounds WAY too ticklish to me. :)

    1. Kacy,
      I enjoy your posts, and at times I cry,and at times I smile or laugh out loud.
      I look forward to meeting you and your sweet Lifa. I am Paul and Auguste's mom, and I pray for you,and read your posts frequently from Arizona.
      I am so amazed at all you are experiencing and doing there!
      I ask God's protection and favor over you! JoAnn Street