Monday, July 16, 2012

The 4x4 Scooch

I dream bite-size dreams. 
It's all I'm capable of. 
One day, one step, one scooch toward something higher than I know how to reach at a time.

We all know that if God gave me the end of the story, I would never show up for any of the character-building, plot-developing, relationship-establishing chapters along the way. I'd just sit back with a cup of coffee and wait for it to get good.

In January, God breathed some pretty big two.... maybe three-scooch dreams into me. 
Now, please remember everybody, I'm a one-scooch-at-a-time kinda gal. So I, of course, didn't know what to do with the information. I got overwhelmed. I let doubt win. I remained silent about it.

But He is constant. Even when I waver.

I'll only tell you about one scooch today. 
We haven't really scooched to the next scooch yet. 
But, today I'm amazed by His faithfulness. One step, one day, one breath, one promise and one scooch at a time. So, you better believe another blog is coming some time, some day, and probably faster than I know how to scooch about His other plans, provisions and promises. 

In these January conversations with God, He told me I need more room. 
I need to live like He called me to live. 
Open doors, open space, open arms, open lap. 
He told me I needed to use wisdom and good stewardship with the gifts He gave me. He told me I would need a bigger car to do the job well and to be a good steward. (Apparently He thinks cramming 12 people into a 5-passenger Mazda is not good stewardship.)

I remember a fleeting vision in the back of my over-schooched mind, and even cracking a joke about it later. "God's probably going to have me get something RIDICULOUS like a bright red Condor!"
 Trust me... at the time, it was hilarious. Toyota Condors are used as taxis on the small community roads here. They're GINORMOUS!

At the end of April, He gave me specific words, a specific strategy and told me, "GO!" It's time for that scooch! 

In the month of May, through people who hear Him and respond to Him, God the Father provided enough money for a 7-seater vehicle in cash. The exact one HE picked out in January. A BRIGHT RED CONDOR! 

If you were part of this process with me, thank you. 
Thank you for dealing with my hem-hawing letters, my nervous laughter, my squirmy scooching. 
Thank you for knowing it was about a promise and not a possession.
Thank you for hearing God and trusting that I hear God.
Thank you for encouraging, believing, responding and loving. 
Thank you for celebrating with me the way God provides.

And now, I'd like to introduce you to Clifford, the Big Red Condor. 

Well, maybe we should let GoGo introduce him. (I wish we could have got her immediate reaction for you! This was her calming down from the running, dancing and screaming.)

First things first! GoGo and family went on a joy-ride through Mbonisweni! Little Fiona wouldn't get out of the car for the picture. (It doubles as a playground inside)
And now the most handsome man in all the land will give you a tour of his new moto!

Did I mention it's ginormous?

"Let me show you my seat!"

Tbe King of the Condor

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