Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Healing in the Hallway

It's been a long time since I've blogged...

I have REALLY good intentions.

But, sometime just before I posted that last blog, I got broken. I felt both hopeless and trapped on this ginormous, closing-in-on-me... I'm-too-far-in-to-turn-back-now continent.

So I've been healing.
With really good people around me. And really great conversations with God. And one really long walk on a mountain in Swaziland.
And I'm going to Uganda in less than a week... because you believed with me. And I think there's more for me to learn, hear and grow in there.

I don't quite have words yet.

There is a story to tell you. But not today.

Today I went to the hospital, where the hallway was full of (unattended) children that have lived in hopeless circumstances and are trapped inside of broken bodies.

They are healing too.

Every day is not a good day in the hospital. And not every day has a story to tell.

But there's something about a lot of healing bodies being together...
Even if you're just sitting on the dirty hallway floor.
There doesn't have to be words, but a melody usually comes out. A healing song.

When bodies sit and heal together, and joyful noises are shared, sometimes strength comes out of the most unexpected places. Sometimes in the silliest ways.

It could be an album cover.

Rachel cannot walk on her own right now, but she
was NOT going to miss out on a photo bomb!

Sweet Selina has been in the hospital since March with
severe burns. And still smiles like THIS.


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  1. Kacy,
    I don't know what being broken for you looks like, but I do know you are one of the strongest women I have ever known, and I love that in your brokeness, you choose to minister to others instead of sit alone in a pity party of one!
    I love the faces and spirits of these children, thank You for sharing!