Tuesday, December 24, 2013

'Twas the Day Before Christmas

‘Twas the day before Christmas, a perfect summer day,
We’d cooked, and we'd cleaned, and we were ready to play.

The stockings were stuffed with sweeties and love,
With hopes of turning hearts to the greatest gift from above.

We dressed all the children in their brightest and best,
Not knowing our joy would soon be put to the test.

I’d already written on the rock a bold proclamation,
Choosing God’s joy in all is my newest revelation.

I pulled into Dwaleni and heard no children chatter,
I sprang from the Condor to see what was the matter.

Mama Charity came out and said Busi’s brother was sick,
To go to the hospital – and to get there quick!

I made that too-familiar drive around that same old, big mountain,
Just in time to hear he was gone, to receive Busi’s tears like a fountain.

I wrapped arms around her and started to pray,
And my heart sunk thinking, ‘Why did I write about joy today?’

While we talked to the Father who gave His own Son,
I knew in a moment we must not get undone.

More rapid than eagles, His peace surely came,
As we leaned, and we trusted, and we called on His Name.

“Now Father! Come quickly! Your children are crying!”
“Come joy! Come peace! Even while sick and while dying.”

From the words on that rock to the sorrow of our hearts,
Can you really come and bring holiness to all of these parts?

As Busi stayed to mourn, we brought her baby away,
Sweet girl will still have Christmas and for her mom we will pray.

So back to the cottage, the Condor it flew –
Our hearts not quite shining as we wanted them to.

And then, like a whisper, I remembered what is True,
I opened the Word and knew just what to do.

I gathered the mamas and cried as I read,
He’s dressed us for eternity; it’s what His Word said.

Cloaked in a garment of praise, not a spirit of despair,
He offers the robe of salvation; it’s been waiting right there.

A bundle of peace exchanged for the cross on his back,
In His eyes, He sees a Bride. There is nothing we lack.

His eyes- for His Beloved; He’s dressing Her to marry,
Will she put on Her crown, Her inheritance to carry?

We had to take action, respond to His outstretched hand,
Because this baby King brought access to our Promised Land.

We prayed for Busi’s family, and then we decided to choose joy.
To celebrate the coming of this life-saving baby boy.

We put smiles on our faces and gathered all those curious little eyes,
And we pulled out the very most wonderful surprise!

It was time to play dress up, and we were keeping it real.
Adorning ourselves in delight, no matter how we feel.

Like a wink from our Healer as we put crazy wigs on our heads,
We knew, come what may, we have nothing to dread.

His Word rang true, and we went straight to joy’s work,
Light filled all our hearts, left darkness no place to lurk.

We shared a great meal and remembered how love grows,
With hugs and with kisses, our spirits all rose.

The kids sprang to their feet full of sugar and cheer,
And that when I knew it was time to get them out of here!

I’ll always remember one thing from this Christmas Eve.
I’ll trust His higher ways; His path I won’t leave.

Every day from now on, I will command my soul to rejoice,
Because Christmas is about when True Love made a choice.

Merry Christmas with love from South Africa!

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  1. Catching up on your posts, just read this about Busi's brother passing and the security scare at New Years Eve.... love to you and all the peeps, Mama Kacy, so proud of you for choosing God's joy even in sadness and fear. This poem was amazing, you are amazing, the people of Ten Thousand Homes are amazing, and South Africa is blessed to have you in their midst. Wow, I am inspired to take a note from your book, to thank God for His many blessings and rejoice in the Son sent down to us and the grace and joy we live in as a result. Hang in there kiddo, keep looking up, you are in my heart and in my prayers. Thank you for loving God in such a way that you can inspire so many to do so, too, that they/we are coming to know Him and His LOVE through you. XOXO Ginger Come on 2014! Let's do this!