Sunday, March 23, 2014

Look Who's Walking!

In my last blog, I mentioned a 20-month old twin that seemed to have the world set against her. Beyond a vacant mother, malnutrition, and homelessness, sweet teeny-tiny Pokasi still wasn't walking.

Just a couple of hours after posting that blog, I sat in the red dirt at our Mbonisweni after-school feeding program and watched your prayers at work. Carla leaned against a tree and I sat within talking distance to her, with just enough room for a play runway between us.

All of us sudden, little miss Pokasi had something to show the world.
She lifted that all-day droopy diaper off Carla's lap and aimed those dancing eyes in my direction.
The shortest distance, the shakiest legs, and the very grandest celebration.

You prayed. Pokasi walked. 

From where she's coming from, it's not that different than Peter walking on water. 

I want to keep praying prayers that make the hopeless get up with joy and purpose.
And I want to memorize Pokasi's walking on red dirt as I continue learning how to walk in step with the Spirit. 

Over and over again, she waddled back and forth between Carla and I.

Joy overflowing every single time.

Without fail, as soon as she reached my outstretched arms and legs, she wouldn't wait for accolades or invitations. The princess in the pink dress could only perform a delighted face-dive right into my chest.

And revel in her new glorious freedom...

... and perhaps even more in having someone to celebrate it with. 

Twin pile. 
Maybe it just wasn't worth walking until someone was waiting at the other end. 


  1. YOU GO POKASI:) it looks like she has her mothers beautiful eyes:) She has gotten bigger!!! I love that she has bigger cheeks:)

  2. So cute little angel and God bless you as you grow up. Thanks for sharing. tfi the family international