Thursday, April 3, 2014

A way-better morning routine

This morning started with the same routine as every morning.

A yawn and an 8-step walk from my “bedroom” to the “kitchen” to start the kettle and start the day. A cup of strong coffee helps the sun come up as the Maker of that sunrise whispers morning secrets to me better than the pink and orange splash lighting up the kitchen window.

This morning, though, I didn’t hear or experience anything I’d call profound in my designated “Jesus time”.

During that quiet, morning-still time that I was having trouble paying attention to, I glanced up from those pages of the Word of God and saw it in real life, in living color, in this tiny little cottage.

My little sister flew around the world to do family in real-time with me.

My sister's heeeeere!
To love me face-to-face and to kiss the faces I get to love everyday.

Kissing Kevin

Everything happy in the world... right here.

She came and broke through that separation… that world from this one.
The biological family and the spiritual family.
A mother of a child of promise and the girl who moved away to squeeze and make orphans smile.

Family field trip to pet lions and feed giraffes

Lifa is enthralled with Aunt Sunny.

And feels unbelievably wrapped up in love by this family who would come around the world, even leaving Lumpy (her dog) behind to play, dance, sing and love.

Anxious airport waiting

And feeling like they've always known each other the next morning
This morning I’m enthralled with Love that says its better when we’re together.
After four years, my smile beams what’s true: It’s worth the wait.
The Sun-Riser, Promise-Maker, Family-Redeemer does not bow to time and space and certainly does not do things according to my plans.


Aunt Sunny teaching unruly behavior in the name of family fun

They're the BEST.

So I had to get in on it too.

This morning I celebrate morning giggles, renewed joy, laughter like I haven’t laughed in four years – or maybe ever. I give thanks for freedom that flows when His Family comes together. And I soak in these moments that are as real and as beautiful as pages of Scripture or sunrise secrets.

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  1. Smiles, smiles, smiles! SO HAPPY THIS IS GOING DOWN!