Wednesday, January 6, 2010

and THEN...

... He Said It Was Good.
You will NOT believe what kind of day I've had! I felt like God was showering me with blessings as prayers were answered and plans fell into place.

I met with my pastors, Steven Yoes and Seth Saldivar to discuss details of my departure and the church's short-term mission trip to Ten Thousand Homes in South Africa this August. I was overwhelmed by their support and care, as usual! I'm so excited to worship with and be ministered to by my church Home, Bay Area Community Church, this Sunday- my last week before I go! If you live near League City, Texas, please come visit at 10am. We meet at Creekside Intermediate in front of Clear Springs High School.

And THEN... I went to the church office to talk finances.
Can I get a drumroll please?

As of about 3pm on Jan 5th, 2010, we had raised $11,561 for my pesonal trip, travel and ministry work.
We also raised an additional $3903 for bricks! That's 1301 bricks! That's more than a house!

My church has set a goal to build 5 houses and we are well on our way!

And THEN....
I called Emirates airline about my 9 hour layover in Dubai. They signed me up to recieve a complementary shuttle, hotel stay, dinner and breakfast!

And THEN....
I continued my mission for a personal retreat. I was asking the finest hotels in Galveston for a two-night stay but only had $100 to offer... which is less than 1 night. I told them about my upcoming mission trip and my need to retreat with Jesus. I also offered to put pictures of my room up and encourage my blogging community to support the business supporting me. I didn't have a lot of luck in the beginning, but Shelly at the Hilton told me I could have any room I wanted for even cheaper than I asked... and then invited me to check in early! What a gift from God! Look for pictures soon! I am pleased to announce that I will be off-the-map for the next 2 days, sitting at the feet of my Savior.

And THEN...
Seriously, there's more. This is how GOOD God is... in a micro-teensy-fractional kinda way. The community of families I grew up with and in at the Alvin First United Methodist Church hosted a community dinner for me to eat together, laugh together, pass some awesome baby boys around and to love on each other. Pam Waters, formally titled, "My Other Mother" hosted us with her usual and indescribable love and hospitatlity.

The whole gang was there! The Collins, The Carters, The Goergans, The Jarrells, Pam, Gandy and Laurie. Lonnie even called in from Iraq to join in the fun! They brought all my favorites: Big Red (I drank at least 4 glasses) and Blue Bell Banana Pudding Ice Cream (we won't publish how much of that I had). And THEN they gave me the sweetest card, a community collection of brick money and closed off the evening praying over me and the most hilarious self-timer photo session of all times. :) They are truly my Home. I felt like they had raised me up and were sending me out.

I TOLD YOU it was a good day! I can't wait to slip away tomorrow to rest, prepare and pray. Please pray that this time will be time for spiritual nourishment, intimacy with Jesus and that my health will be retored in all aspects. (Got hit with a nasty sinus or allergy somethin' today)

As always, thank you for your prayers. I love you and am delighted that you are following along on my adventure!  Pictures from the weeks of quality time are coming!

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  1. Kacy,
    Thank you for sharing your incredible journey. Beautiful pictures and beautiful people. Know that you and everyone there are in my prayers. I know that you will do amazing thing's through HIM !!! Keep The Faith ! Love you for who you are and what you are doing !
    Love to all of "yall"