Tuesday, January 19, 2010

God Loves to Play

It was our first day of DTS today – starting out bright and early with a time of worship.

I came ready to sing praise to God and wondering what kind of songs we would hear. It was something totally different than I expected.

“Worship is going to be a little different today.”

I’d worshiped there before so everything would be different for me. But this was really different. For worship today, we made up crazy animal sounds and motions and played an extremely silly game until we had tears in our eyes from laughing. I was the sickest sounding giraffe you’ve ever heard, and was sitting between a crazy pig and an itchy monkey. What a way to start a relationship off!

In our worship time, we talked about relationships – how they are built and strengthened by laughter and silliness. By playing! Healthy and loving relationships begin with talking, sharing, laughing and learning about a person as we learn to trust and commit to them… and then touch.

Worship is an extremely intimate part of our relationship with God. Sometimes we feel as though He is walking with us and talking with us during our daily life – and He is. But when we enter a time of worship, we begin a time of intimacy and connection. Like touch.

So, today for worship, we played. And we talked about how God likes to play. God enjoys being in the silly moments and in the laughter. I am so thankful for today and for the times of connection I had with my teammates through laughter and celebrating cultures together.

I hope that you will play and laugh with the people you love most today – and enjoy God’s presence in those happy moments. He loves it!

And He loves you.

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  1. And no one loves play as much as you! I hope you had blow-up microphones =) Lisa K.