Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's Africa Day!

Today is the day. It's really here...


Today I will take a walk with NaNa, have lunch with some of my dearest and longest friends, and then begin a new chapter right there at the Emirates Airlines gate when I meet my teammate Brittany! So thankful to have travel buddies - Rebekah will meet us at the gate after she gets off her flight from Dallas. We will find each other by backpack color and then, surely, begin to build what will be lifelong, travel-across-the-world friendships. And then hopefully put our 3 hours in the airport to good use with my new video camera.

I wanted to fill you in on my travel details so you can join me in prayer for safety, health, rest and maybe a little sanity! Every step of the way has been made possible by your prayers... especially packing!

I will arrive at IAH in Houston at 3:30 this afternoon to board an Emirates flight that departs at 6:25pm (Texas time). After a 14 hour flight, we will have a 9 hour layover in Dubai, and then begin again with an 8 hour flight to Johannesburg. I will arrive at Nelspruit airport, a short flight away from J-burg, at 8:20am (Texas time), or 4:20pm S African time.

I will be in White River, South Africa at YWAM's base, Ten Thousand Homes for the first 3 months to participate in a Compassion Discipleship Training School. During this time, please pray that my heart is filled with and led by the compassion of Christ. Our team will pray together to decide where to go in Africa for our 2 month outreach after that time.

Thank you for your prayers. I love you.

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  1. What is in your suitcase? It looks like a bunch of baby pigs.