Monday, May 7, 2012

A Cupcake with Sprinkles

A handful of miracles are woven into 66 books, whose names, song and stories come together to make one big book - a highlight reel of the story of glory.

But today is Monday.
There is no book of Mondays.
And without looking for Monday's miracles - the miracle of the very presence of Eternal Love living in me and dancing around me through the love of other people - I get cranky on Mondays.

Mondays are get-it-done days. Mondays are usually the days I try to do everything else in the whole wide world that has to be done so I can spend the rest of my time hugging and kissing and holding and sharing and getting covered in red dirt. I just landed on my beanbag, sitting for the first time in about 15 hours.

But Monday was full of miracles.
And cupcakes with sprinkles.

This Monday I was lavished with gifts and surprises.
This Monday I made cupcakes, had coffee, and sealed a month of memories with a new friend from Brazil.
This Monday I welcomed two friends off of an airplane and into a new month of miracles and moments, starting around the dinner table and ending with those cupcakes again.
This Monday strangers told me they were inspired by what God does - even from right here on this one little blog.
This Monday I was given a whole week's worth of drinking water for free in the name of friendship.
This Monday we wrote "Feedings" on the board in faith.... knowing there wasn't enough money to fill even one plate.
This Monday just enough money came in to feed those almost-500 hungry tummies that will come seeking nourishment this week.

But if I hadn't taken time to see the sprinkles, I would have thought it was just another Monday.

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