Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lindsay and Laura's Lenses

I'm a little late with the Wednesday post, but I've been busy watching two friends and lap-fulls of children fall in love with each other and with that deep-seated, almost intangible Truth about Home.

Lindsay and Laura are just beginning a 5-week African adventure and a new season of seeing God through the little eyes, the swollen tummies, and the hungry hearts of His very favorites, the dirty-faced little ones Jesus couldn't stop squeezing.

I can't stop squeezing them either. Or loving them. Or holding them. And I don't ever want to.

But those shacks, those calloused feet, those babies bouncing on their mama's backs, those tiny shouts, those empty eyes, and those reaching hands are my everyday. I don't know how I earned this everyday. Somedays it seems too good to be true that I get to know them everyday. Somedays I can't handle how broken life is in my everyday. And I hope it doesn't ever become "ok" - not on any day.

When friends come and see what I see everyday, their hearts break.
And I get to speak to their tears, and tell them to flow. Just like they're supposed to. Sometimes it even makes room for more of mine. Or sometimes it makes for one less tear because I know there's one more heart that's all the way in and can know and see and love with me.

Because these everyday children are supposed to have safe houses, warm clothes and full tummies. They are supposed to have mommies and daddies and hope for tomorrow. The price has been paid.

When we watch God move through other people, it gives us another angle on how good He is. How GOD He is. Sovereign. Holy. Complete. It's been finished.

We get to be a part of bringing Home home. And today there's two more handing out plates of food, praying around our base, and hugging and kissing and being Home to "the least of these".

Here are a few of Lindsay and Laura's beautiful photos - a glimpse through their eyes and camera lenses into the God-flow of Wednesday and every day. Be refreshed today, and ask God to show you Himself through the eyes of the people around you.


  1. This post makes me homesick!

  2. Great photos! You know, food always tastes better when it's eated from a leg! Sending hugs to you...

    Lisa K.